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Knowledge sharing is the way forward

Improve Your Workflow. Our passion is to improve our customers' everyday lives and their workflow. This is precisely why we have chosen to offer different events, as we believe that knowledge sharing is the way to move forward. It is our purpose to empower and educate our customers so that they can contribute with more knowledge to the organisation/institution, pass on knowledge to relevant colleagues and be stronger in their work position. In the same way, we would like to hear from our customers about their experiences, wishes, and needs.

ERFA meetings

ERFA meetings are a small grouping of our loyal customers who gather around for a common professional interest. We want to ensure professional development, create a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of experience among our customers and ensure that all our customers are well-prepared for the daily workflows of the systems. We talk about new features in presentations, and show examples of how to make use of them.

ERFA meetings are organised by specific topics, and our clients are divided according to their job professions (e.g. 'HR management' and 'Financial management'). This way, the participants get the most out of these meetings.


Our webinars will inspire and give you knowledge and understanding of our products. At the same time, you will be able to exchange experiences with other participants at the webinar. They will be held online with the teacher/speaker and the other participants. All you need is a device with internet access.

They are scheduled on an ongoing basis and typically 3 months at a time. You are more than welcome to address a desire for a topic. Simply write

Tailor-made courses

We offer customised courses, with a pre-arranged number of topics for you and your colleagues. The course is organised according to your level in close dialogue with the consultant and is held either at your workplace or with us in Glostrup.

If you want to focus on exchanging  experiences and sharing knowledge, then you are welcome to contact colleagues from other departments or organisations if you share a common interest in some selected topics.

We look forward to arranging customised courses that suit your needs. 

Ministry of the Environment and Food: The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark
 after attending a tailor-made course

"A super good intensive 1-day course. Could even participate in shaping the content for the day, so it matched my needs. Since I was the only student, the advantage was that the teaching was based on our own test environment. All in all, a good and fulfilling day where everything went smoothly; teachers, room, catering in a good laid back atmosphere."

Charlotte Christiansen

University College Copenhagen

University College Copenhagen
 after attending an education

"I have been an administrator since April 2017 and chose to attend the mTIME Administrator training in the spring. The teacher was really nice and good at explaining a slightly complicated system - where people work in many different versions - in one way. The course gave a good basic knowledge of mTIME and I would love to take part in a similar one."

Laura Bohl Færtz

Ministry of Education and Research

Ministry of Education and Research
after attending an education

"I experienced the educational process as being very rewarding and I was challenged in a good way. I experienced the teacher as being really good at communicating the planned program that was for the day, as well as being really good at elaborating on any questions that might be related to tasks along the way. "

Rasmus Nicki Olsen

IT University of Copenhagen

IT University of Copenhagen
 after attending an education

"The course was good and very practical and there were a nice structure and review of TimeEdit.

I gained a good understanding of the system's logic and possibilities for using specific scheduling tasks.

There are always uncertainties associated with a new task, but I don't have that feeling when using TimeEdit. I would definitely attend another relevant training another time."

Marc Kellaway

Copenhagen Professional College

Copenhagen Professional College
 after attending an ERFA meeting

"Thank you very much for the ERFA meeting! It was really exciting and informative, while it was good to meet the network again."

Marie Louise Møller

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