— budget your time

Become aware of the ideal and the real use of time. Compare the ideal situation with the real situation. Does that match? If not, it is interesting to look at where the imbalance occurs. This is where the time budgeting module for mTIME, mBUDGET, quickly becomes a faithful companion.

A real overview of tasks and projects

Keep track of selected tasks and projects and make visible how much time is actually spent. The system collects data on projects and presents it in an easy and digestible way, providing the foundation for realistic planning and time budgetting for the future.

Live statistics

View the relationship between budgeted and actual resource consumption, right down to the personal level. The system automatically shows a realized time consumption, as soon as users register their time usage in mTIME.

Simple advanced budgeting

Create budgets for units and groups, for individual or all units in and across the organization, both at the group and individual levels.

Project follow-up with mBUDGET

Monitor projects on a timely basis and monitor the progress of the project in terms of time spent in the initial, executing and final stages of the project.

mBUDGET shows live time usage details based on employees' registered activity in mTIME. Dermed vises den aktuelle tidsanvendelse på projektet, og man varsles tidligt om eventuelle nødvendige aktioner. This shows the current time spent on the project and early warning of any necessary actions.

Get a demonstration

Get insight into the product and the easy way to build time budgets by a non-binding demo and talk about mBUDGET and mTIME.

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