— budget your time

Be even more well-informed of the ideal and the actual usage of time. 


Is the actual utilization of resources always in alignment with your organization's budget? If not, it might be worthwhile to investigate further where the variance occurs. This is when mBUDGET, the time budgeting module of mTIME, can become your most reliable ally.

A real overview of tasks and projects

The system keeps track of selected tasks and projects, collects the corresponding data and visualizes it in a very comprehensible way, which will provide you the information needed for more accurate planning for the next budget period.

Real-time data

View the variance between budgeted and realized resource utilization from an organizational level to an individual level. The moment a user registers hours worked on a task, the system would simultaneously update the data and visualize the real-time resource utilization on the mBUDGET dashboard.

Simple advanced budgeting

Create budgets for units and groups, for individual or all units in and across the organization, both at the group and individual levels.

Oversee projects with mBUDGET

mBUDGET shows real-time resource utilization levels based on employees' registrations in mTIME, which would assist you in monitoring the progress of the projects and identifying potential challenges that might require the attention of management. 

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