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 App for time registration 


mTIME app — time tracking at your hand

It can be hard to remember exactly what you did during a busy day. However, we can not ignore the fact that time is our most valuable resource.

With the app for mTIME, you can easily keep track of your day on the go. You can record your check-in and out time, allocate your time on activities, and manage your absence.

The app is a simplified version of mTIME. Its purpose is to enable you to record your daily activities and the time spent on them along with setting your time of check-in and check-out. In addition, it is also possible to add, change and delete absence records. You have the option to select and deselect specific settings, such as language, time of check-in and check-out, which aliases you can register activities on, etc.

The smart features

The app is simple and provides quick and easy access to your daily registration of time and activities.


Easy login


No need to remember an extra login. If your workplace uses Microsoft, you can log in with the same information as when you log in to your workstation (which is possible due to something smart called ADFS).

Once you have logged in the first time, you can choose to just log in with Touch and Face ID.

Easily clock in, easily clock out

When you meet, press a button. When you leave, press a button. That is quick and easy registration. You have the opportunity to adjust the times, should that be necessary, with an extra touch or two, of course.

Daily registration of activities

You do not need to turn on a computer to record the stuff you have been working on during the day. When you feel like it, just pull the phone out of your pocket and open the mTIME app. Then, with just a single click, you start adding your activities. It is super easy and you are done in no time!

Easily register your absence

While giving you a super simple overview of absence, you also have an easy access to registering and applying for absence directly from the phone. For example, if you wake up and feel a bit under the weather, just stay in bed – if you have your mobile nearby, that is – because you can in no time register your absence in the app with a few taps. 

Balance summary

Would you like to know if you can take flex-free next Friday or if you have more vacation left? If you jump into the app, you can find just that with 3 different ways to view your balances: current, future and approved.

Customise for your liking

In addition to switching languages, you also get the opportunity to decide how you want different things displayed in the app. So you can add things that you are used to seeing or remove some to make it even more simple.



The app is developed for both iOS and Android.

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