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mTS — simple time tracking

mTS is a proven flexible activity and time registration system. Nevertheless, we call it a standardised system with great opportunities for modifications of the core functionalities of the system, which would be able to accommodate every requirement any individual organisation might have to attain an efficient daily operation. Last but not least, it is possible to integrate to and from other IT systems.


It certainly varies from company to company what needs and purposes you have for an activity and time registration system. With mTS you can:

  • Record arrival times (check-ins) and departure times (check-outs)

  • Manage absence and leave

  • Register activities and tasks (2 levels)

  • Report health and sick leave statistics etc. automatically to managed authority

  • Integrate into subject-specific systems in the company

  • Give employees access to their data

  • Administer holiday: email-based application, and approval thereof, possibly transfer of vacation from one holiday year to another

  • Customise notifications for users and administrators

  • Calculate surcharges following the current agreement with subsequent transmission for payment in the pay system

  • Get reporting opportunities for managers and employees


With mTS as your time registration system, you get a simple system that generates real-time visibility of data on an organisational level, group level as well as individual level. In this regard, optimal accuracy is guaranteed and the correct allowance would be paid to the corresponding employee on time.

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