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 About us

Who we are

Visma timemsystem ApS is a company in Visma. We develop products, components and offer advice to the public, semi-public and private sectors as well as educational institutions nationwide. We are specialists within the digitalisation of employment agreements and working time rules.

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What we can

We understand, interpret and digitalise your workday and implement it in our time concept. Our products are not just within time tracking or resource management. We think, understand and “read” employment terms, working time rules which we then translate into features and processes in the system. The result is a more digitalised, automated and efficient utilisation of resources, such as employees, projects and rooms.

Our values

Improve Your Workflow is our slogan and something we work on both internally and externally every single day. We want to improve and streamline our customers' workday and workflows. Internally we also want to work on better processes, a more fun workday and everything that can give the individual employees joy and added value in their everyday life.


What we offer

What are our core competencies, what do we focus on and why should you choose us?

— "2 entries is 1 too many"

We have an open API / open interface that gives you as a customer various integration options and enables integrations with other relevant programs and systems that you use. This helps making a normal workday more productive by being able to avoid duplicate bookings, and most importantly, it frees you from having to enter the same data into multiple systems. We take care of the data transfer between the different systems which results in fewer errors, less typing and better overview — 2 entries are 1 too many.

Experience and understanding

We have over 20 years of experience that make us aware of your needs and challenges. We think like you, keep track of the rules and understand your workflows and business. This results in the development of efficient and tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer. We guide and help you through the challenges and also equip you with the knowledge of the systems in use. 

Flexible systems

We have a strong focus on ensuring that our solutions are flexible so that each solution can be completely adapted to your needs. It effectively supports and contributes to a more productive workday and recognisability. Our systems and solutions are user-friendly and with advanced functionality.

Provides overview and documentation via digitalisation

We give you an overview and documentation by digitalising your workflow. It becomes easier and more concrete when documenting the key indicators, such as resource utilisation, performance measurements and overview of savings and expenses. This also applies to the requirements that you may be subject to according to the various financial laws. In addition, your colleagues, as the end-users, can easily get a quick overview of their flex, holidays and actual tasks. We add balance to roles and rights.

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