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 Effective resource management 

Something for everyone

Our systems could cover virtually every demand your organisation might have, no matter how large or how small.

Under each category, you will find relevant products that you can click on for more information.

Time Tracking

We have the most flexible time registration system on the market, mTIME, which can handle all sorts of employment terms and rules on working hours (e.g. check-in/out time, overtime), automatic calculation of holidays plus allowances as well as leave management (e.g. parental leave, holiday calendar, compensation, etc.).


If you prefer a simplified system that handles leave management and project management, then mTS would accommodate your business's needs perfectly. 

Schedule Planning

It is difficult to make a perfect class schedule, as resources such as teachers or rooms are typically organised in a decentralised manner. We solve this through a central database that manages all resources on one interface and with integration to various study administrative systems, such as STADS, esas, Ludus etc.

TimeEdit is one of Scandinavia's leading room allocation, scheduling and resource planning system for universities, university colleges and academy profession programmes.


Roster Management

Not only will our roster management module, mDUTY, make the process of planning a staff roster more efficient, but it will also offer an overview of the utilisation of human resources in your organisation. Additionally, it will also be possible for your staff to view their shifts on a mobile app or Outlook calendar.


Reports at a glance — our systems support your need for data analysis. 
We have developed data extraction capability in mTIME and mVIEW so that you can tailor the reports to your organisation's specific needs, no matter if it is with Excel, Power BI or data warehouse solutions.


HR data

Get a holistic overview of the organisational structure via mTIME. HR managers can easily access and manage employees' personal data, such as employment history, employment terms, leave balance and so on, with a single click. Further, we can integrate with your relevant HR system, so that data only need to be entered once.

Project Management

Our system provides you with an overview of the project economy, which would vastly enhance efficiency in resource management and contribute to budget compliance. 


Economic systems

By integrating our systems with your financial system, e.g. Navision, you can quickly and easily create cost-based or project-based accounts. Salary distribution based on hours worked suddenly becomes very easy to handle.

See more integration options.

Payroll Systems

In mTIME we handle all variable payroll calculations in mutual agreements automatically. The calculated salary components and values ​​are transferred to the payroll systems through an integration engine or files. Easy and convenient!

See more integration options.


We are adept at handling data exchange and integrations between our clients' own and other relevant systems, including HR, payroll and financial systems, ESP, etc.

We believe that system integration enables a more productive and efficient workday, by eliminating the expensive and repetitive process of navigating between systems. Thus, your employees are truly able to focus on tasks that create more value for your organisation.

Time is our most valuable resource

Do you want an efficient and digitalised working day and workflow? Then you have to meet our time concept.

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