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Time Tracking

We have the most flexible time registration system on the market, mTIME, which can handle all contractual and working time rules, automatic calculation of holidays and absence handling (arrival/departure times, flex, care days, compensatory time, etc.), calculation of disadvantage supplements and allowances, holiday calendars, etc.

If you want a very simple absence management, project management and quick implementation, we offer the time tracking system mTS. 


Schedule Planning

It is complicated to get the perfect schedule in the right premises, as resources such as teachers or rooms are typically administered decentralized. We solve this with a central database that manages all resources on a schedule and with integration to various administrative systems, such as Exchange.

TimeEdit is Scandinavia's leading room, scheduling and resource planning system for universities, higher education and colleges.



Not only will it be easier to set a schedule with our schedule scheduling module mDUTY. At the same time, you get an overview of the employees' watch roll, extra work, freedom of service, absence and salary components. It will also be possible to view its schedule on mobile or in its Outlook calendar.


Reports at a glance - We have the system, you have the data. Therefore, we have developed data extraction capabilities in mTIME, mTS or mVIEW, so that you can create the reports needed in your organization yourself. Whether with Excel, Power BI or data warehouse solutions.


HR data

Get an easy and clear overview of organizational structure in mTIME and mTS, which employees and managers are in the organizational units. You can see on the employee master card how the employee has moved in the organization, working time rules, holidays / absence balances and much more. We integrate with your relevant HR system so that data has to be entered only once.

2 actions are 1 too many!

Project Management

Proper project planning provides overview, resource management and budget compliance. We contribute to efficiency and follow-up on the project economy, which ultimately makes everyday life a lot easier.

Give the employees insight and overview with mTIME, mTS or mBUDGET.


Economic systems

By integrating our systems with our financial system, eg Navision, you can quickly and easily create cost-based or project-based accounts. Salary distribution based on hours worked suddenly becomes very easy to make.

See more options for integrations.

Payroll Systems

We handle all variable payroll calculations in agreements automatically in mTIME and mTS. The calculated salary components and values ​​are transferred to the payroll systems through an integration engine or files. Easy and convenient!

See more integration options.


We are adept at handling data exchange and integrations between our clients' own and other relevant systems, including HR, payroll and financial systems, ESP and others.

We believe that system integration makes employees more productive and efficient. Economically, the expensive and annoying mistakes in administration are removed. In other words - we think the systems together and work on 2 entries being 1 too much.

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