Easy scheduling, room booking and resource planning 

If you need help with your scheduling, room booking or exam schedule, then TimeEdit is your new best friend. More than 600,000 teachers and students carry out their daily planning with this system. TimeEdit is dynamic, intuitive, flexible and easy to implement, no matter the size of your institution.

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets — get a complete overview with TimeEdit

  • Pre-planning, scheduling and time budgeting are done in one single database. This means fewer error sources and fewer entries.

  • Pre-planning is transferred directly and published with just a single click.

  • Unlimited users.

  • Integration with Outlook.

Schedule planning and resource booking — even the most complex planning becomes simple

  • User-friendly planning and resource booking in real-time.

  • Overall overview of teachers, classes and other resources.

  • The setup is tailored to your organization's needs.

  • Browser independent cloud services, available 24/7/365.

  • Supports multi-users and manages access control via differentiated user rights.

  • Unlimited users.

Cloud solution with open API

  • Integration for Outlook.

  • Open API that makes it easy to integrate with other systems.

  • A dashboard can be configured at your own request.

  • The schedules are updated in real-time and are available 24/7.

  • The graphical user interface automatically adapts to user devices.

  • Access to overviews and schedules is controlled via TimeEdit's role and rights setup.

  • Each user can subscribe to their schedule and export it via iCal to their own calendar.

TimeEdit Analysis — Statistics and Invoicing

  • With TimeEdit's statistics module, you can generate detailed reports on resource utilization and occupancy rates in your institution.

  • The statistics module reports provide relevant documentation for future planning.

  • TimeEdit billing module allows for internal or external billing on lecture rooms or other resources.

  • Pricing for rental of lecture rooms.

  • Get quick answers to the teachers' workload for a given period.

More insight

TimeEdit is Scandinavia's leading scheduling and resource planning system for educational institutions. TIMEmSYSTEM is the exclusive distributor of TimeEdit in Denmark and we provide technical support within the Danish market.

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