Vi er specialister i at sætte tid i system 

Many companies work with year wheels that describe the organization's process over a year. An annual statement must be made, new budgets are set and even in the individual projects there is repetition when adjustments are to be made. 

In TIMEmSYSTEM we work to set time in system in connection with work organization. We manage time and management of complex agreements and working hours.


Our time concept is based on 4 phases, which all our products cover.

  • Historical time in the form of statistics and data warehouses. How have the hours been allocated in the past, and is there anything that needs to change this year?

  • Budgeted time for the group or departments, projects or individuals. What do you expect and what are the hours agreed on the various tasks?

  • Planned time in the form of guard schedules and scheduled time. How is the budgeted time to be matched to match the needs and bindings of resources and tasks?

  • Realized time in terms of time recording. Did the scheduled time and budgeted time actually take place, and did the staff receive the salary components required for the work?

Through working with our tools on a daily basis, you obtain a data flow that can be used for payroll, financial management, invoicing, management information and business intelligence (BI).

Wanna hear how our concept of time can help you? 

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