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 We specialise in systematising time 

Many organisations work with an annual cycle that specifies the organisation's work plan over a year, such as when to publish the annual report, when to plan the new budget and so on.

In Visma timemsystem we strive to provide you with the best tools to efficiently manage your human resources with regard to your organisation's work plan. 

Our time concept is built upon 4 aspects of time that are fully covered by our products. 

  • Historical time in the form of statistics and data warehouses. How have the hours been allocated in the past, and is there anything that needs to be adjusted this year?

  • Budgeted time for the organisation as a whole, divisions, projects or individual employees. What do you forecast and how many hours have been allocated to the various tasks?

  • Planned time in the form of scheduled shifts. How do the scheduled resources match with the planned tasks?

  • Realised time in the form of time registration. Did the scheduled/budgeted time actually take place? Did the staff receive the allowances for the extra work they performed?

Through working with our tools on a daily basis, you will obtain a data flow that can be used for payroll administration, performance management, invoicing, management reporting and business intelligence (BI).

Do you want to hear more about how our concept of time can help you? 

Thanks! You'll will hear from us ASAP.

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