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 Activity and Time Tracking 

A time-tracking system with high functionality

Time registration of your employees’ performed tasks should not be an obstacle to the optimisation of your workflow. Thus, a highly functional time registration system should be able to contribute to a more productive and efficient workday.

A time-tracking system with high flexibility

We have the most flexible time registration system on the market, mTIME, which can handle all sorts of employment terms and working time rules (e.g. check in/out time, overtime), automatic calculation of holidays plus allowances as well as leave management (e.g. parental leave, holiday calendar, compensation etc.).

mTIME – the future of time registration

mTIME is our time tracking system that can be customised and configured for all industries.

Create an overview and get a system that can indicate the correct proportions in relation to an employee's working hours. You can flexibly create and maintain all types of agreements, absenteeism and changes to agreement rules. You also get the opportunity to extract data to management information at no extra cost.

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