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— time registration of the future

mTIME is our attendance and leave management system that can be tailored and configured to, yes we dare say, the needs of every industry. 

With mTIME, you create an overview and get a system that can indicate the correct proportions concerning an employee's working hours. You can create and maintain all types of agreements, leave balances and changes in employment terms flexibly. You also get the opportunity to extract data for management reporting at no extra cost.


mTIME is a system that does not require customer maintenance and does not require technical insight or the like. Our support is in Danish, but mTIME is language independent and is available in both Danish and English.


  • Web-based (online) system supported by an app.

  • Managing everything about holidays (allocation, settlement, regulation, provisions, and reporting).

  • All types of leave balances (parental leaves, special holidays, overtime)

  • Management information and reports

  • Overview (employment conditions, resources, hours spent, absence statistics, project hours, etc.).

  • Calculation of overtime, supplementary benefits, and allowances

  • Absence Management - registration of check-in/out time

  • Activity registration (set up according to your needs)

  • Flexible notifications (build rules for different email notifications).


Integration options

  • Open API

  • Wage systems (e.g. SLS, Bluegarden, Lessor, etc.)

  • Payroll systems (e.g. NS, NAV, Schilling, Maconomy, etc.)

  • HR systems (e.g. Oracle HR, Dossier, etc.)

  • Data warehouses and BI

  • And others

There is also an app!


Register your working hours anytime and anywhere with our user-friendly mobile app.

mTME app on mobile
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Get a demonstration

See how mTIME can help record employee time and activities. Get a non-binding demo and talk.

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