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 Duty Roster Planning 

Rostering has never been easier

Make shift scheduling clear and simple with a world-class roster management system. Here, integrations and functionality are paramount, so scheduling work hours and shifts become an easy process in a busy work day.

More than just shift scheduling

Not only will our roster management module, mDUTY, make the process of planning a staff roster more efficient, but it will also offer an overview of the utiliasation of human resources in your organisation. Additionally, it will also be possible for your staff to view their shifts on a mobile app or Outlook calendar.

mDUTY — rostering

Planning a staff roster is often a repetitive and exhausting process. There might be countless rules, details and shift preferences to be taken into account. However, with our roster management module mDUTY, you will always stay in full control of the shift schedule, and roaster planning has never been easier.

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