mDUTY — duty scheduling

Planning a staff roster is often a repetitive and exhausting process. There might be countless rules, details and shift preferences to be taken into account. However, with our Roster Management module – mDUTY, you will always stay in full control of the shift schedule and roaster planning has never been easier.

mDUTY takes all rules into account

Since mDUTY is an integral module of our time registration system mTIME, all the existing rules or settings in mTIME regarding employment terms, working time, vacations, allowances, etc. would apply automatically to mDUTY.

Further, after a shift has been assigned to an employee in mDUTY, the time slot would be automatically registered in mTIME. Likewise, all the overtime, allowance calculation, time off would be monitored and controlled by mTIME.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to set up specific rules that should apply to mDUTY only. For instance, you can choose how many months a standard period should be consist of and how many vacation days can be held in each period.


mDUTY is simple to plan with

The first time you make a staff roster in mDUTY, you start by creating a template that contains the types and the number of shifts needed. 

Hereafter you just assign the shifts to your employees. With a few simple clicks, your shift plan is ready to be published.

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