mDUTY — duty scheduling

Putting together a schedule can often be a complicated and demanding puzzle. There are many rules, details and desires to take into account. If you, as a planner, have too many corrections, you can easily lose sight if you do not have a professional rostering tool like mDUTY.

mDUTY takes all rules into account

mDUTY completely interacts with our time recording system mTIME, and thus automatic transfers between mDUTY and mTIME; including all agreements, working time rules, local agreements, compensation days off, working hours, holidays etc.

Accounting is kept with working hours, vacations, walks, days of care and sickness to name just a few of the many automated processes that the system contains.

It is also possible to choose how long the normal time period the plan should be divided into and how many days off, which must be a maximum per normal time period.


mDUTY is simple to plan with

The first time you make plans in mDUTY, you start by creating a template that contains the types of shifts needed.

Hereafter you enter how many shifts of each type per standard week to be added to the template. Some simple steps and one is ready for the actual planning.

Once the basic information is entered into the system and the staffing requirements are set up, then there is minimal maintenance and the shifts schedules are added with a few simple clicks.

Simple to distribute shifts

Assigning guards takes place from a view in mDUTY. You simply move guards with the mouse from the form to the person in charge. When the fields at the top of the chart are blank, all guards have been distributed. The schedule is then ready to be published.

Get a demonstration

See how the system can help with guard scheduling. Get a no-obligation demo and talk about mDUTY and mTIME.

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