mVIEW — view data the way you like it

mTIME comes with many predefined ways to display data, but the presented data may not always suit the situation. This is where our mVIEW tool comes into play. mVIEW enables you to choose which data you want to view and how you want it to be presented.

Gain insight into your data

mTIME contains a lot of information that can worth a furtune if presented correctly. mVIEW provides you access to all these data, which can be extracted directly from mTIME and imported into an Excel document. With mVIEW you would be able to effortlessly process and visualize the data and gain invaluable insight into your organization.

Automatically updated

Set and forget: Once Synchronization is set up, data be will automatically update every time you open the Excel file. And the tables, graphs as well as diagrams will always be presented with the latest data.

Restrict available data

You can directly define which data different users can have access to by delegating access rights in mTIME.

Get a demostration

Get a glimpse into the system, with a no-obligation demonstration and talk about mTIME and mVIEW.

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