mVIEW — view data as you like

mTIME comes with many predefined ways to display data, but the presented data may not always suit the situation. This is where the mVIEW tool comes in. mVIEW allows you to choose which data you want to see and how you want it presented.

Gain insight into your data

mTIME contains a lot of information. Information that can be worth a furtune if presented correctly. mVIEW provides access to all this data, which can be extracted directly from mTIME and into an Excel document. Then there is free play and the selected synchronized information can be displayed in the relevant context.

Automatically updated

Set and forget: Synchronization is set up once and will automatically update in the future when Excel opens. So pivot tables, bar charts and pie charts can be created without worry.

Restrict available data

Of course, it is possible to define what data the different users have access to. This is easily done by delegating rights in mTIME.

Get a demostration

Get a glimpse into the system, with a no-obligation demonstration and talk about mTIME and mVIEW.

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