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Xedule — scheduling with one single click

Xedule is a scheduling system based on automated scheduling. The strength of the system is its algorithm that arranges a schedule based on your rules, wishes, limits and educational considerations with one single click.

During the implementation we set up the system with the data you want and, thereafter, you can reuse these data year after year with only the minimal and necessary maintenance and adjustments. When Xedule has been configured, you can lean back and let the algorithm arrange the schedule for you. You do not need to handle rules and restrictions parallel with the scheduling process in, for example, Excel or the like.

With Xedule you get a scheduling system that can:

  • Handle portfolios of tasks for your employees

  • Give you a total overview of employees' working hours

  • Handle calendars for trainees

  • Secure a uniform educational course year after year

  • Give an overview for controlling ressources of employees or facilities

  • Integrate with the most applied student administrative systems

  • Be integrated to via rest API

A Dutch product

Xedule is developed by the Dutch company Visma Advitrae that we in TIMEmSYSTEM cooperate with on the Danish market. A large portion of the universities in the Netherlands are using Xedule today for education and activity planning together with ressource allocation.

Xedule is relatively new on the Danish market, but it has already proven to be efficient in areas such as the gymnasium and vocational schools.

Get a demonstration

See how the system can help in everyday life. Get a non-binding demo and talk about TimeEdit.

Thanks! You'll hear from us ASAP.

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