TimeEdit — easy as a breeze

TimeEdit is Scandinavia's leading schema and resource planning system for universities, higher education and colleges. More than 600,000 teachers and students carry out their daily planning with this system.

In TIMEmSYSTEM we have a collaboration with TimeEdit in Sweden to be the sole distributor of the system in Denmark and we manage the Danish support.

TimeEdit is dynamic, intuitive, flexible and easy to implement, whether you are a small school or a large university.

Full overview and transparency with TimeEdit

  • View and book all reservations easily and conveniently. Get in control of planning.

  • Better resource utilization and overview

  • Released resources

  • Control rooms, teachers, etc.

  • Custom rights management

  • Constant update

  • Possibility of Exchange integration

  • Open API and cloud solution

  • Web-based and platform-independent

TimeEdit's dynamic management allows you to easily get a complete overview and full control over how all of one's resources are utilized. It is easy to change and add resources, move scheduling pieces, and with a single tap you quickly create a series of bookings.


TimeEdit is a very flexible program that can be tailored to each client's business and needs. There is a short implementation process, which means that you will be up and running quickly within a few weeks and within the budget.

Get a demonstration

See how the system can help in everyday life. Get a no-obligation demo and talk about TimeEdit.

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