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TIMEmSYSTEM started back in 2010 and has been in constant development since.


In association with our 10th anniversary, we picked out some of our highlights and put them in a timeline.


April 2010


March '10


Time-Sag and KnowledgeCon were merged into Time Management System, and we moved to a new shared office space on Ringager.

The new company should, of course, have a logo. After many versions, we ended up with the dark blue logo that had a professional tone with some characteristic hints of the two previous companies' logos, mainly the watch, which nicely reflected what the company's focus was on.

2 different logos become a new one

Time-Case and KnowledgeCon become Time Management System.

Premises in Brøndby

With the new company, there also came more employees. To make room for all, Time Management System moved into the premises on the 2nd floor in Ringager in Brøndby.

aerial photo of Rinager 4A

The building on Ringager, where we had our first premises. We resided on the 2nd floor.


October 2011


The first website

In addition to the new name, logo, and premises, we also needed a website.

The website was made with Flash, which was a hit back then, as it provided the ability to use "cool" graphics and create "stunning" animations.

Granted, it wasn't pretty, but it served as a fine medium to spread knowledge about who we were and what we offered.

The website is actually still online, should you want to explore the Flash website of the day 🤪 However, your browser must support Flash, which today's modern browsers have stopped using — for good reasons — so a good bet on a compatible browser is Internet Explorer 😅

screenshot of a website

Time Management System's very first website - it was not the prettiest, but we had to start somewhere 😉


December 2012


Partner with TimeEdit

We became the sole distributor of the scheduling software TimeEdit.

We were very pleased to announce that we entered into a collaboration with TimeEdit to become the exclusive distributor of the system in Denmark. TimeEdit is Scandinavia's leading schedule and resource planning system for universities and higher education institutions.

With the TimeEdit partnership, we became ready to enter the educational sector.

Since 1992, TimeEdit has served as a solution and response to customer requirements for complex schedule and resource scheduling. More than 400,000 teachers and students carry out their daily planning with this system. TimeEdit is dynamic, intuitive, flexible, and easy to implement, whether you are a small high school or a large university.


Time Management System and TimeEdit enter into collaboration.


March 2013

May 2013


New name

TIMEmSYSTEM became the new name for Time Management System.

On Monday, March 18, 2013, Time Management System changed its name to TIMEmSYSTEM.


Along with the new name came a new graphic identity; new logo, new product names, new website, new products and additional services as well as more activities.


On this occasion, we invited to a kick-off for our loyal customers and partners, so we could introduce ourselves anew. The reception took place in one of Copenhagen's oldest and most significant buildings, Børsen.

illustration of company name change

Time Management System becomes TIMEmSYSTEM.

New website

Along with the name change came, of course, a new website.

In combination with the new name, the website also needed to be updated. As the old website from 2011 was getting a little dated, we chose to make a brand new one, which at the same time was richer in information.


TIMEmSYSTEM's website as it looked back in 2013.

January 2013

New owners

Time Management System goes from 4 owners to 2.

In the beginning we were 4 owners, 2 from each of the merged companies, but then Jens retired and Glen wanted to try new challenges. Back then, Jan and Khanh were to continue the journey.

Thus Jan and Khanh created a new concept and laid new visions for the company. Shortly after, they changed the company name, and it brought the concept and new visions into reality.

Jan and Khanh

Jan and Khanh continue the journey.



April 2014



November 2015


Gazelle Company 2015

On Wednesday, November 18, we were named Gazelle Company 2015.

We became no. 850 out of 1461 named Gazelle companies. We were very honored about that, and we are proud to have such talented employees.

The Gazelle logo

TIMEmSYSTEM's Gazelle Award for 2015.

Illustration of our system landscape showing the data flow between our systems.

Breakthrough in the education market

We opened up the education market with the help of the scheduling system TimeEdit and our concept around the education market.

TIMEmSYSTEM's systemlandskab


April 2016


January 2017

June 2017

July 2017



In late 2015, we announced that we in 2016 would begin to offer training in our systems, so you could be a certified mTIME administrator.

As something new, we chose to offer training for our systems. In this connection, we prepared a catalog of our events, which contained a comprehensive overview of the educations and events that we would offer. Each event was targeted at a specific segment.

The purpose of this was to improve our customers' skills so that they could be stronger in their work position, strengthen their professional competencies and thereby contribute even more knowledge to their workplace.

Front page of catalog

The front page of the catalog of educations and other events for 2016.

10th year in a row as Microsoft Partner

We first became a Microsoft Partner back in 2007, and have been ever since. In 2017, we had been that for 10 years.

In 2017, we were again certified as a Microsoft Partner, as we had every year. This time, however, was the 10th time, which we are proud of. Technically, TIMEmSYSTEM had only been for the 7th year in a row, but we allowed ourselves to count the certifications for the merged companies.

The certification we have today is Microsoft Silver Partner within "ISV" (Independent Software Vendor) and covers that we provide solutions that work in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Logo for Silver Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Silver Partner logo.

100,000 users

2017 was the year we rounded 100,000 users, which was a major milestone for us, which we are extremely proud and excited about.

100-tusind brugere

We reach 100,000 end-users across our systems.

Premises in Glostrup

There was a shortage of space in Brøndby, so we moved to new and larger premises in Glostrup.

Not just the number of users had increased enormously, but also the number of employees. At last, there was simply no room for additional people, so we went on a search for larger rooms.

We were lucky to find a perfect place in Glostrup. It was located right next to the station, which made it much easier to use public transportation for visiting customers as well as employees.

A major renovation was initiated so we could get brighter rooms and a nice, open, and inviting reception and lounge area.

With the move to the premises in Glostrup, where there was much more space than in Brøndby, now also came the opportunity to host large events for our customers.

Aerial photo of Stationsparken 24

The building in Stationsparken, right next to Glostrup station, where we moved in on the 3rd floor in 2017.


December 2018


New website

It was time to update our website to make it look a little more 'modern'.

We thought our old website needed a facelift so we could satisfy more of our customers' needs and wants. Therefore, we built a brand new one from scratch.

The content was categorized, made clear, and easily digestible so that one no longer needed a PhD. in technological terms.

Computer showing a website

TIMEmSYSTEM's website as it looked in December 2018.


May 2019

July 2019

August 2019


Official SKI supplier on 02.18 IT solutions and projects

We became an official SKI supplier and were able to deliver our standard time and activity registration system, mTIME, on competitive terms to the public. As a SKI supplier, we live up to a number of minimum criteria for quality, environment and social responsibility.

The first agreement on which we became a SKI supplier was 02.18 IT solutions and projects, which consist of a wide range of software, hourly services for development and maintenance, etc.

Every year, the public sector buys for approx. 300 billion DKK at private companies. The State and Municipal Procurement Service (SKI) has been set up to help the public sector save money on procurement, by making procurement agreements that bring together procurement across the public sector, which lifts the tendering obligation.


All public organizations are subject to EU procurement rules. The rules ensure, among other things, that private companies like us who want to trade with the public sector can submit tenders through a tender process, where all tenders are processed on equal terms in a transparent process. The purpose is to ensure that the task goes to the supplier who provides the most competitive offer - measured by quality and price.

The logo for SKI suppliers

TIMEmSYSTEM prides itself on being an official SKI provider.

Elite supplier to the public sector

We were placed among the top-1% largest suppliers to the public sector by UdbudsVagten.

Every year, data on the cash flow between the public and the private sector is collected by UdbudsVagten. Based on these data, the top percentage is named "Elite Suppliers". This year, TIMEmSYSTEM received the certificate as an Elite Supplier in 2019, and is thus one of the top-1% suppliers to the public sector.


Statistics Denmark estimates that in 2018 there were around 300,000 active companies. The top percentage is thus made up of a total of 3,000 companies.

Certificate logo of elite supplier

In 2019, UdbudsVagten named us a top 1% supplier to the public sector.

Official SKI provider on 02.19 SaaS-Cloud

We were able to proudly announce that we had now also become the official SKI supplier on the framework agreement 02.19 SaaS-Cloud.

The agreement is a voluntary agreement that all public organizations can use to purchase standard professional systems such as software as a service (SaaS applications). SaaS applications are fully developed end-user applications provided as an Internet or other database service.

More precisely, it meant that we to the state, regions, and municipalities etc. be able to provide our standard activity and time tracking system, mTIME, as well as the resource and schedule scheduling system, TimeEdit; this on competitive terms.

The logo for SKI suppliers

In 2019, we became the official SKI supplier on the framework agreement 02.19 SaaS-Cloud.


March 2020


10-year anniversary 🥳

10 years ago, Time-Sag and KnowledgeCon became what we know today.

The merger of the two companies into TIMEmSYSTEM should prove to be a good idea, as we quickly became one of the largest suppliers in our field in the Danish market.

It should all be celebrated by gathering our customers for one big all-day event, which we referred to as Event Day 2020, with topic-specific tracks with organized presentations and guest speakers, good food, and entertainment. Unfortunately, Covid-19 and government guidelines put a stop to it running off the stack in October. Instead, we are just arranging Event Day 2021, which will take place in September.

Laurel wreath

TIMEmSYSTEM turns 10 years old!

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